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A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that members who had online access to their health information were more likely to participate in preventive measures.

Your Virtual Health Assistant

A reminder a day keeps the doctor away! Get personalized health alerts and reminders in time, straight on your phone.



For you and your dependants

Get AI driven health alerts and reminders on your phone, free!

We will take you through a quick survey to get to know you and understand your health state. Based on your data and qualified health data in our engine our Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning driven engines will accurately create a custom routine health guide that will help you take preventive steps to avoid diseases. This will include recommended vaccinations, routine checkups, dental visits, region specific outbreak alerts, pill reminders. Configure dependants and get their alerts. Sync with your favorite health smart device for deeper insights.

Happy 30th birthday Ramon, you are now due for a

Prostate Cancer Check and Deworming 

Take our 5 minute in app health survey

We all know the story. Many patients in Africa wait to be sick to go to hospital. The MyChiza app solves this problem by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce the fall-sick rate. After taking our periodic health survey we send you personalized health alerts and reminders based on your age, location and pre-existing conditions and when necessary, connect you to the appropriate medical services.


Get alerts and reminders

We will periodically send you personalised alerts regarding your health. Things that you would ordinarily forget like a deworming alert based on the last time you dewormed or a routine dental check up. Best part, you don’t have to create reminders, our intelligent AI and ML engines will curate a health plan for you and update it as your health needs change; except for pill and self created reminders.

Alert types:

Take action on the health tip - in app!

You don’t have to use search engines to self-diagnose,  get confusing results and get confused about what to do. 

Take action on the health reminders and alerts given within the app! Order for medication from our online pharmacy, get vaccinations and lab tests done from the comfort of your home and when necessary, talk to a qualified medic and get non-emergency tele-consultation with the MyChiza App.

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We're launching the MyChiza app soon!

Get notified every time you are due for a check based on your age, gender or pre existing health condition
Get access to medics, lab facilities and pharmacies via your mobile app.

Solving the complex healthcare puzzles for medics, facilities and patients. From locum staff scheduling to personalized home care.
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