Manage the schedules of shift and permanent employees in your facility. Automate schedules, track overtime, and generate timesheets for compensation. Use your internal team or a pool of qualified medics in the MedicHub

An efficient way to create and manage shifts for facilities and medics

With Chiza MedicHub, medical facilities will no longer  make unnecessary calls and follow-ups tracking available medics, while  Medics will cease to lose locum opportunities due to poor scheduling and unstructured systems.

KEY FEATURES for facilities

Worry less about shifts and staffing with Chiza MedicHub

Craft the perfect schedule for your business using Chiza’s AI powered Auto-Scheduling. Reduce unnecessary wage costs with accurate labor demand forecasts.

Build Schedules Fast

Schedule the right staff, at the right times, across different roles or locations. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost.

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Never be short staffed

If someone calls out sick, find a qualified replacement without a single phone call or text. Or simply let employees swap shifts with eligible team members. Access qualified medics from the MedicHub to fill gap shifts.

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Connected Schedules

Send employee schedules straight to your team via desktop or mobile. And if you change the schedule, make sure staff see the update by requesting a confirmation.

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What is in it for facilities

Shifts and Schedules

Team Management

Locum Management

Get paid for your hours in time

Setting Your Facility up is Easy!

Tell us about your facility, we will review your application and set you up in hours!


Medics - More Jobs, Less Hussle

Schedule Availability

Schedule your availability for the next 30 days

Get Matched to Available Shifts

Get matched to shifts you qualify for in your region

Confirm Shifts and Execute

Accept the shift, clock in do what you love clock out

Get Paid Fast and Without Followup

Get paid for the work you have done weekly 


For medics

Manage Availability

Get Shifts in Facilities Near You

Self Onboarding & Management

Timesheets and Payroll

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A world where facilities don’t worry about medic staffing, medics don’t worry about jobs and patients don’t worry about quality care.

Solving the complex healthcare puzzles for medics, facilities and patients. From locum staff scheduling to personalized home care.
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